Fintrade Engineering LTD

Think Green!
            We are Fintrade Engineering LTD,our philosophy is trough using asymmetric and innovative approaches,methods and means, to offer whole solutions concerning the activities of waste management!
            With the climate changes and the interconnected global warming and raising of the sea level, comes the necessity of construction and development of contemporary structures and models for ecofriendly waste management. Our company was founded in the end of 2012 and is specialized in the performance of activities connected with waste management, community services, collection and treatment of waste.

We are constantly evolving!
            We possess everything necessary:
  •  ISO9001:2015– integrated system for quality management
  •  ISO 14001:2015– integrated system for environmental management 
We obey the rules!
  • License №02-РД-289-17 for waste collection and transportation.
  • License№22001 Port waste operator
  • Annex№42 Broker/trader of waste
  • Licensefor transport activity№ 10272
We are licensed company with experience in the collection, transport, treatment, removal and disposal the wastes. We have extensive experience in the field of waste, as its main projects we provide overall waste management – hazardous and non- hazardous waste.
Our partners are only licensed companies, proved their professionalism and   having all necessary permits for activities related to waste.
We follow strict European and Bulgarian legislation!
We advance together with our partners!
In order to preserve the environment clean, we have a technology,which is conformable to the requirements and meets the European norms. In this context, we have on hand specialized machinery for disposal of industrial, construction and domestic waste. We develop our ideas, as we own a private separation plant, where we process 15 000 tons of waste annually for the municipalities of Tsarevo and Primorsko. Our primary mission is minimal landfilling of recyclable waste.
From the beginning of 2014 we manage the waste on the project “South Stream” concerning ground waste collection. Our partners are SAIPEM, branch Bulgaria, Canusa SPS branch Bulgaria, Pipeline Induction Heat Limited as well as Neft Oil LTD.
For the period 2013-2015, we have a 50 percent participation in the activities of trash collection and disposal during the realization of the project for complex for processing of heavy wastes on the territory of Lukoil NeftochimBurgas, as our main partners in this initiative are Sices SPA EAD, OMA group, Technip Italy SPA.
            As a result of our constant improvement and investments, for 2017, Fintrade Engineering Ltd established a strong market position with the biggest market share in disposal of construction and production waste on the territory of Burgas district.
                        We have been engaged into collection and transportation of domestic       waste   since 2015  and currently we have over 100 points in our organisation for waste         management for BMF Port Burgas and multiple other partners.
Our professional expertise and experience is appreciated and trusted by the municipalities of Primorsko, Tsarevo, Gulubovo, Kameno, Tervel and etc.
In form to meet and exceed the needs of our clients we maintain narrow relations with producers of specialized containers and machinery for waste disposal.
This is our contact card. In our face, you will open the prospect of a long term and proper, correct, partner. You can find out more information about as
Contact us at:,,056/990 333
Together we will preserve the environment cleaner!
1. ISO9001:2015– integrated system for quality management
2. ISO 14001:2015– integrated system for environmental management 
3. License №02-РД-289-04for waste collection and transportation.
4. License№22001 Port waste operator
5.Annex№42 Broker/trader of waste
6. Licensefor transport activity№ 10272